All About Android 6.0 Google’s newest sweet treat, or it’s newest version of Android, has only been known by codename -Android M- until now. Considering that every year Google names it’s newest version of Android after a sweet treat, working their way from A to Z, we are not too shocked to hear the name

Windows 10 Is Now Available…It is crucial that you check with your IT experts before you make the move to this new version of Windows. In our years of providing IT services and support for a wide range of industries, Pulse Technology Solutions has learned many valuable lessons. One of those lessons is that the

Need to organize time on the go to be more efficient? Reduce the time it takes to check and respond to emails on your smartphone starting with a simple tap. Microsoft’s mobile email app ‘Send’ is here to bring an effective way for co-workers who are short on time to send brief messages to one

Driving a Chrysler Vehicle? Install This Patch Immediately! Chrysler is striving to turn the traditional automobile into a smart, connected device – and although it’s an innovative, exciting concept, there’s a significant downfall. Chrysler’s UConnect system, which has been installed into cars since the end of 2013, is an Internet-connected feature that controls entertainment and

Windows 10 is on the way – being released on July 29th, 2015, and you’re probably wondering just what it means for your business. Are you going to have to change operating systems AGAIN? Is it going to be as difficult to adapt to as Windows 8? How much is this going to cost? Don’t

Security researchers from Google’s Project Zero and FireEye have discovered a critical flaw in various versions of Windows, and Microsoft has released an emergency out-of-band patch to deal with the situation. In a statement of advisory on Monday (July 20), Microsoft informed customers about the issue, warning that the vulnerability could “allow remote code execution

Windows 10 Promises To Be Something Awesome…Will your company make the switch? Many companies became a bit skittish about using Windows after the problems encountered with Windows 8 and subsequent design overhauls. Sales suffered because some corporate users weren’t pleased, and sought alternatives. Other users were even less happy when Microsoft ceased supporting Windows XP,

After suffering more criticism from tech industry leaders this week, it appears the writing is on the wall for Adobe’s Flash software. Once a staple platform for providing flash animation and applications on millions of websites online, Flash’s increasing vulnerability will mean certain doom for the software sooner than you may think. Recently, Facebook’s security

We provide everything your business needs to get out of their IT support. We don’t wait around for things to break before we give your equipment our attention. Instead, we take a more proactive approach, constantly assessing your hardware so that we can catch small issues before they become big problems. We’ll also stay on top

E-commerce and Internet marketing are constantly evolving. Therefore, businesses that fail to keep pace with the changing trends are likely to experience negative sales growth.  If you are among this unfortunate crop of businesses, thankfully, there is a large amount of marketing research available to help you stay informed about current industry trends and consumer attitudes.