Because We’re An Award-Winning Website Design & IT Services Company

Pulse Technology Solutions recently won The Silver 2019 ADDY Award for our design of the US Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism website. This was the first time we entered this competition, so we’re very proud to have won.

What Is The ADDY Award?

The Caribbean Advertising Federation’s 2019 ADDY Award recognizes excellence in advertising. It’s the world’s largest advertising competition with over 50,000 entries annually.

The ADDY Award was founded in Florida in 1960. It was adopted by the American Advertising Federation, a not-for-profit industry association, as a national competition in 1968.

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What Is The CAF?

The Caribbean Advertising Federation (CAF) is the first and only non-American member of the American Advertising Federation and is part of the 4th District of Florida and the Caribbean. They encourage growth in the Caribbean advertising industry, and promote a greater understanding of the role and benefits that advertising provides to the public and government sectors.

The CAF provides networking opportunities for members and increases inter-island interaction and communication. They are an essential part of the advertisement community in the Caribbean, showcasing members and their capabilities.

What Does Pulse Technology Solutions’ ADDY Award Indicate?

It shows that Pulse Technology Solutions not only excels in IT services and business computer support but that we are now an award-winning website designer. And website design is important for all businesses today.

Why Is Website Design So Important?

Web design, while certainly important to consider from an aesthetic point of view, is much more than this. From SEO and branding to conversion rates, your website design represents your entire internet presence.

A Responsive Website will help you reach more customers. Research by the Pew Research Center revealed that more people are now using their smartphones to browse the Web and do business. This means that organizations must take advantage of this by using well-designed websites that can be easily read on mobile devices.

Well-designed websites promote business brands. A website with user-friendly pages tends to attract more viewer. People prefer to view content on beautifully-designed websites, and they stay on sites if they can easily obtain the information they need.

A well-designed website increases customer conversions rates. Well-designed websites use elements to lead customers directly to what they need without distractions. With a well-designed website, it’s much easier for customers to find what they need and act on it. This may mean buying a product or contacting you for services.

A well-designed site improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your prospects and customers can’t find your website, then all the work you’ve done is for nothing. Good SEO rankings are critical to reach your audience. And Google is the judge when it comes to this.

One of the recent trends is design that features a single page that goes on forever. However, Google and other search engines won’t like this. When you deviate from the traditional website structure that search engines use to crawl, you’ll be hurting your SEO ranking. This also spreads out all of your keywords over one URL and lowers your chances of being found online.

What Elements Of Website Design “Turn Off” Users?

  • Complex layouts that are too busy
  • Pop-ups and advertisements
  • Content that’s hard to read with small fonts
  • Lack of color and boring designs
  • Slow website load times

An unattractive, difficult-to-navigate website can damage your brand. Poor website design can not only hurt your credibility, but it can also drive away prospective customers.

Is Website Content Important?

When the same users were asked to provide reasons for why the trusted particular websites, 83 percent said it was due to the content. Users look for websites that are informative, clearly written, relevant to their search and unbiased.

In Conclusion

It’s essential that you use an outsourced IT company that understands the key elements of good web design. From branding, conversion rates, SEO ranking and more, your website design will determine how your company is perceived and reached by your prospects and customers.

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