Is Your Business Harnessing All the Advantages of Cloud Computing?

More companies are starting to utilize cloud computing. The recent boom in the capabilities of utility computing in the cloud presents many small and mid-sized businesses with alternative ways of substantially enhancing production. Cloud computing presents solutions for any of your businesses problems from e-mail and communications to a full-scale hosted infrastructure.

Cloud computing is presenting companies of all sizes the benefit of leveraging enterprise-class solutions while taking advantage of flexibility, mobility, and cost savings.

The Pulse Technology Solutions Cloud Offering Includes Services Such As:

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

A complete E-mail service is critical for your business to function properly. Exchange gives your company many powerful tools. By implementing these tools, your organization can significantly improve the productivity of your staff. Without proper configuration, however, your company will run into issues that can potentially cost your company a lot of money in wasted productivity. The Pulse Technology Solutions team will configure your Exchange to give you the greatest benefit.

Hosted Server Solutions

Taking your server to the cloud can eliminate hardware and utility expenses. Cloud computing offers significant value in the form of server and infrastructure hosting. Many small and midsized businesses can see cost savings, security, and disaster recovery benefits from utilizing hosted servers instead of in-house servers.

Virtualized Desktop Solutions

Load all of your essential programs, operating system, and personal settings into a cloud environment, and then deliver it all on your employees’ workstations. Centralizing a worker’s digital environment in the cloud allows workers to access the data they need from all types of devices using a web browser – including smartphones and tablets. This minimizes the cost of support and enables better internal access controls.

Hardware Virtualization

By virtualizing your company’s computing infrastructure, Pulse Technology Solutions technicians are routinely able to substantially cut your enterprise’s energy and maintenance costs. Our proficiency with our assessment and virtualization presents companies like yours with sustainable IT roadmaps that were never considered viable before.

Cloud Backup, Security, and File Sharing

Looking to add a dynamic and affordable IT backup and file sharing solution to your offering, or simply just looking to gain budget flexibility? Consider the benefits of adding our cloud backup solution!

  • Affordable monthly rate.
  • Flexible storage so you pay for only what you need.
  • Pass off the cost of managing and maintaining computing infrastructure.
  • Real-time mobile access to synced files.
  • Complete backup of your files to the cloud.
  • Fast restoration of backed up files, complete with file revisions.
  • Integrated email security.
  • Integrated Exchange archiving.

Protecting your business in the cloud has never been easier!

DropBox Storage for Business

DropBox for Business presents a safe and affordable data storage solution for organizations looking to utilize a cloud file sharing.

Regardless where you store your information, we at Pulse Technology Solutions advise that your data needs to backed up. All businesses should consider implementing data redundancy systems for peace of mind. The simple fact is that without your data, your organization would have a difficult time sustaining efficient operations. DropBox for Business offers integrated backup and versioning to ensure that your team’s files are right where they need them to be, every time.

Microsoft Azure

Get Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Platform & Infrastructure for your Business! Azure allows you to integrate the services and applications you depend on inside a scalable cloud platform.

Many modern businesses are searching for ways to enhance the mobility of their business. Thanks to its incredible versatility, Microsoft Azure is compatible with several different operating systems, programming languages, and frameworks. The secure Azure platform gives users access to critical information systems, allowing users to be productive when and where they need to be, and on almost any device.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Take full advantage of virtual machines with this outstanding virtualization software for Windows Server. Using virtual machines that have been abstracted from their physical counterparts can provide benefits such as decreased capital/operational costs and improved workplace efficiency. By effectively leveraging virtualization technologies to your advantage, your organization can stay one step ahead of the competition while ensuring smooth operations.

Cloud Hosted VoIP | Business Communication Solutions

The traditional business telephone solution that is dependent on old landlines is showing its age. The truth is that organizations are finding it difficult to justify the cost of keeping a traditional phone line for their communications solutions. VoIP professional business telephones are:

  • Easy to Scale Up or Down
  • Economical – Saving Money
  • Fully Hosted and Maintained
  • Dependable

Let’s get started! Take advantage of cloud benefits now by starting a conversation with the Pulse Technology Solutions Team. Call (239) 362-9902 or send an email to