Cloud Computer Provides Greater Cost Savings, Flexibility, Scalability, Data Storage and Security

Then You Need Our Business Cloud Services! We help organizations in Southwest Florida leverage the power of the Cloud. There are so many benefits and so many cloud solutions. Which one do you choose? We’ll help you decide. We’ll visit you and learn about your operations and goals. Then we’ll advise you on the services that will promote your success. This isn’t something you should do on your own. Migrating to Cloud Computing takes the kind of expertise our team can provide.

12 Ways Using Our Cloud Services Can Transform Your Business

There are many benefits of cloud computing other than those mentioned above. And if you use the right cloud services for your particular needs, they can be a driving factor that propels your organization towards success. Let us help you select the services that will provide the best array of benefits for your company.

  1. You And Your Employees Will Have Increased Access To On-Demand Solutions – Lack of time and money often puts a hold on the pursuit of new ideas. Have you ever wanted to test a new product or service but you didn’t have the time or money to do so? With the availability of on-demand cloud resources, you can get new configurations up and running within hours, or even within minutes. The Cloud offers the ability to try new solutions without the costly investments in money and time.
  2. You Can Use Enterprise-Level Software – Small and mid-sized businesses can take advantage of enterprise-level software and communications capabilities via the cloud. With products like Microsoft Office 365, on a per-user basis, you can affordably use these products from anywhere you have an Internet connection and at any time.
  3. Faster Data Recovery – It can take months, or even years to transfer data and records from one system to another. Sometimes it just can’t be done at all. Even government agencies deal with this problem, and some have to hire employees to manually code information from one system to another. This takes a lot of time and effort. But systems in the Cloud can be transitioned quickly and easily. The enormous computing and storage resources in the Cloud are beneficial for those who work with Big Data and who need to transfer these files securely to clients or colleagues. The days of sending data like this piecemeal through email are gone because the Cloud provides not only the ability to store Big Data, but to transfer it securely and efficiently.
  4. Energy Efficiency – Less equipment is required to run workloads in the Cloud, which reduces data center space and your eventual e-waste footprint. And in terms of energy, less physical equipment is being used, so less electricity is being consumed.  Also, the pay-per-use and self-service ability of a cloud-based infrastructure allow you to consume only the computing resources you need.
  5. Reduced Needs For Staff and Office Space – With cloud computing, your employees can work from another office or anywhere they have an Internet connection. And they can do this at any time of the day or night. This allows for part-time employees and contractors to work on projects without the burden of an expensive payroll and benefits. It also reduces your need for expensive office space, furniture, and other physical-space requirements.
  6. Increased Productivity & Employee Satisfaction – Your employees can work anywhere on or off-premises, including when traveling or working from home. They can save files to your secure cloud and access them from their approved mobile devices. Your applications can also be accessed from the cloud from anywhere employees have an Internet connection. This increases productivity beyond the office and also increases employee satisfaction.
  7. Better Management of IT Costs – Cloud computing helps you effectively manage IT costs, avoid unnecessary expenditures on IT resources, and provides the flexibility to access additional IT resources as your organization grows.
  8. No Large Or Upfront IT Expenditures – You can’t afford large, upfront IT investments. Lack of time and money is an obstacle for businesses like yours. You might not even be able to afford your own server or IT management service. Thankfully, with our cloud services you can take advantage of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) or SaaS (Software as a Service). By doing so, you’ll be free from IT worries and save money on software licensing and upgrades. A pay-per-use structure like IaaS and SaaS allows you to use only the computing resources you need without spending money on hardware and software licenses and upgrades.  Regardless of the type of cloud solutions you use, you won’t have large, upfront IT expenses.
  9. Reduce Overhead – A small business budget is typically limited, but your IT must be designed to support innovation and growth. You don’t have the luxury of investing capital in large IT expenditures. Cloud computing makes it easy for you to access and share programs and data online without purchasing hardware or expensive software licenses. With cloud computing, your overhead can significantly be reduced.
  10. Increased Security – With files that are encrypted and are accessible to only designated users, security is increased, and costly IT downtime and lost data are a “thing of the past.” This is because data and operations are protected around the clock and under any circumstance. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the Cloud provides for continual backups and data recovery in the event of a natural or manmade disaster, including cybercrime.
  11. Flexibility to Scale Up or Down As Needed – Cloud computing offers you the ability to scale up in busy times or scale down when business is slow. You can add users, applications or storage, and run applications both locally or on a global scale with less investment in time and money than doing so with onsite servers and software. This is helpful for businesses in the construction or real estate industries, where business can fluctuate seasonally.
  12. Cloud Computing Provides Your Business an Edge Over Your Competition – In this competitive, technology-driven world, the businesses that succeed are the ones leveraging the latest technologies like cloud computing. Cloud computing enhances your operational efficiencies and takes the worry out of IT so your employees can focus on their more important functions and use their time and energy for business endeavors.

Just as information technology has increased the productivity and efficiency for businesses today, cloud computing is now doing the same, but exponentially. This is only the beginning. The possibilities are endless as cloud-computing technology continues to evolve. Once you are introduced to, understand, and start using our cloud services, you’ll soon realize what you’ve been missing and the numerous possibilities it can bring!

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