Leverage Cloud Technologies, Keep Your Business Safe

Four Ways to Leverage Cloud Technologies to Keep Your Business Safe  You never know when disaster will strike. Planning ahead can help you secure your infrastructure so operations can continue even in the event of an emergency.

Life may be a little more laid back in Florida, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, but businesses in this area are prone to business interruptions that can be extremely expensive such as power outages or major storms. It’s not unusual for homes and businesses to be evacuated or shut down, costing the businesses tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and productivity. While many internet-based businesses can operate from remote locations, it’s vital that these organizations utilize cloud technologies to help ensure seamless operations and communication if your primary location loses power or needs to be closed for a period of time. Here are four ways that cloud technologies can help reduce the stress on organizations in this region and promote secure, consistent operations.

1. Cloud Technologies Allow Businesses to Scale Rapidly

Is your IT team bogged down with requests to build and deploy new servers, add or delete users or otherwise scale the infrastructure of your business? With cloud solutions, your business can be scaled more effectively and efficiently, allowing you to assign or remove access for users in a snap. Cloning servers can be done more quickly and new systems deployed in hours instead of days — or weeks. With IT managed services supported by cloud-based infrastructure and technology, your business can be agile enough to respond to the demands of business users without having to pay for excess capacity before you need it.

2. Cloud Technologies Provide Secure and Consistent Backups and Recovery

Did you know that Florida leads the nation in power outages? From hurricanes to tropical weather situations, Florida residents and businesses are continually impacted by blackouts and power outages, to the tune of 51,226 minutes over the past decade. While California and New York were close behind, it’s clear that Florida’s dicey weather can negatively impact businesses in that area. Power surges, voltage slumps and spikes are incredibly dangerous for sensitive electronics and can lead to damage that takes time to repair. If you don’t want to expose your business to the risk of outages, cloud-based technologies provide you with secure backup and recovery solutions that allow you to quickly spin up servers and replace business machines when needed.

3. Keep Costs Low and Align Technology with Business Needs

If you want to reduce costs and align your technology needs with those of your business, you should consider cloud computing as it can allow you to dramatically reduce your overall technology costs. Your staff will likely find your technology much easier to use, with quick connections and new functionality when you need it. You can also follow the cycles of your business by adding and removing users (and licenses!) as needed to better regulate the cost structures of your business.

4. Let Your Internal Staff Focus on Innovation

Working with solutions in the cloud can allow your internal technical professionals to focus more on innovation and how to move the business forward than the day-to-day concerns around your infrastructure. Cloud solutions provide options for automation that may not be available with traditional onsite technology. Streamlining your operations allows internal teams to come together around strategy, secure in the knowledge that their technology can be relied on to simply work.

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