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Computer Services In St. Thomas: Charlotte Amalie

Companies in every industry are no longer satisfied with computer services who merely operate in a reactive manner. Putting out fires and addressing issues as they occur may stabilize a company’s operations for a brief moment. However, forward-thinking CEOs and high-level administrators now address tech issues in terms of how a solution will springboard the organization beyond the current status quo and into a new operational paradigm.

Pulse Technology understands this modern approach to IT support. Our products and services are aimed specifically at anticipating and fostering business growth while preventing tech issues before they reach the surface. The basis of all the tools that we provide is to develop a solid corporate infrastructure that monitors your entire network and proactively detects potential problems that disrupt business continuity.

A Local St. Thomas Mindset: The Distinguishing Characteristic of Pulse Technology

There are several computer services in St. Thomas companies that can provide a certain level and scope of IT products and services.

The Question: The question, however, is how truly invested are these companies in their local communities? How does an IT provider perceive their role in the economy, the local city infrastructure, and the success of local businesses? More specifically, what would happen if our and other IT companies suddenly disappeared?

The answer: An entire city’s digital infrastructure could potentially crumble.

That’s how important our role is. That’s how vital our business relationships are in the community. The Pulse Technology Solutions team cares for local business because we see our partners as friends, neighbors, and valued members of our community. We live, work, and play in the same cities that we operate in.

This is the governing principle behind everything we do. It is the core of our existence — not just a good idea.

PulseCare: Our Commitment to Exceptional Customer Service

IT Technicians are similar to musicians in a recording studio or scientist in a lab. We can get so caught up in the technical side of what we do, that we often forget that we are serving a greater purpose beyond our tendency to geek out.

What is that purpose?

To connect with and meet the core needs of our customers.

Therefore, we approach our customer service with the same intense focus, scrutiny, and methodology as we do our technological innovation.

  • How can we improve our customer relations from the customers’ point of view?
  • What are the most important client concerns and needs?
  • What do clients value the most from IT providers?

Exploring these question has led to the development of PulseCare, a customer-driven service that completely eliminates outdated pay-by-the-hour and preventative maintenance CS models that do not connect with clients.

Through PulseCare, you benefit from proactive live care instead of overactive billing. We take the best features of hourly support and the best characteristics of preventative maintenance, implement a live help desk that anyone in your company can access, toss out the unfair extra fees, and bundle it all together into a cost-effective flat rate. A flat rate is something that our customers can get on board with and easily understand.

Computer Services Throughout St. Thomas

You already know the power that technology has to leverage your company’s best assets and boost your organization’s processes. Not only do you know it, but you also embrace it.

The question you may be asking is which IT products and services do you need and who can provide them?

Pulse Technology offers a diverse portfolio of IT services that are designed to pinpoint and address every possible issue or need that could arise in your company. Think for a second about how your current infrastructure is hindering your growth. What IT challenges are you dealing with?

  • Security issues that are closing in on your network
  • A complicated and outdated phone system that limits communication
  • Tech problems and troubleshooting steps that seem to slow everything and everybody down
  • Archaic hardware and software that stifles creativity and innovation
  • Zero organizational processes and protocols due to scattered and pieced-together technology
  • An overall sense that your competitors and your industry have passed you by

Surprisingly, the path to addressing these issues is a relatively straight line. You simply need a qualified IT team in place who can identify your current challenges and implement the right technology and strategy to overcome those challenges. To go one step further, what you may truly desire is an IT provider that can seamlessly launch your business into the modern age and help you meet your corporate objectives.

For instance:

  • Network and wireless security. Continuous monitoring and assessment allows us to source potential vulnerabilities and keep your systems secure 24/7.
  • Hardware as a Service (HaaS). Vendor management enables you to get the right technology for your business.
  • Cloud services. Utilize cloud technology to increase your office productivity, facilitate collaboration, and store your data.
  • IT consulting and assessments. We provide consulting services that focus on the industry you serve and your role in it. Every company is different. Therefore, our assessment and consultation services will target your company’s unique needs.
  • 24/7 help desk support. Our team of experts is here to accommodate your questions and concerns without fail anytime you need us.
  • Business Telephones. Having a capable phone system is essential for expanding your business. VoIP solutions offer your company the cost benefits that help you utilize your Internet connection for your organization’s communication needs.
  • Business continuity. Regardless of what happens during your workday, your company can continue operating with a solid and stable infrastructure in place.
  • Data storage, backup, recovery, & restoration. You need to feel confident that your data is secure 24/7. With secure backup and recovery services from Pulse Technology Solutions, your data is always safe and accessible.
  • Office 365 & Google apps. Office 365 and Google Apps integration and training will provide new avenues that increase your organizational productivity.
  • Website design services. Web design tools and maintenance that keeps your website performing at optimal levels.

Capitalizing on Your IT Investment

Every dollar you spend on IT equipment, software, consultation, or service needs to do more than just sustain your business. After all, today’s technology was never designed to just keep you on the map.

That is why your partnership with Pulse Technology can become one of your greatest business assets. What other IT companies might perceive as a mere expense, we see as an investment in your company’s current and future growth.

Each of our IT tools is designed to help stimulate your business in the following ways:

  • Increase the speed with which you address IT issues to ensure business continuity. Every time you have to halt an organizational process, you lose money. Our job is to make sure that doesn’t happen.
  • Improve employee productivity & innovation. We help your entire team work more efficiently with fewer problems so that they can spend more time creating and innovating instead of being hampered by tech issues. The more productive your team is, the more they can help you increase your revenue.
  • Give you leverage over the competition. Forget competing. We want to help you get ahead of the industry. Technology is the only way you’ll get there. Our tools help position your business as a leader and authority in your market.
  • Allow you to grow without any constraints. Our systems are easily scalable and flexible. Our network infrastructure allows your company to grow upward and outward in any direction seamlessly.

No matter where you are with your IT needs, Pulse Technology Solutions can help you reach the next step. If you are looking for Computer Services in St. Thomas, SW Florida, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands, then contact us today at 239.676.6679 for a complimentary initial technology assessment. You can also message us on our contact page.