Global Damage from Cybercrime Will Soon Top $6 Trillion?

See how cloud technologies can help maintain secure and consistent operations even when your business is affected by cybercrime or handling blackouts and natural disasters.  

Global Cybercrime

Cybersecurity Specialists

Southwest Florida, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are some of the most beautiful places in the world — and also some of the most remote. This can cause businesses that are based in these areas to have additional challenges that those in land-locked states may not have, such as extreme weather conditions and rolling blackouts. The cost of business outages continues to rise and may represent more than 500 hours per year of lost productivity due to technology outages, which can be a devastating number for a small business. Fortunately, cloud technologies are providing viable and secure options for remote businesses that can help protect against weather-related incidents as well as reduce the impact of ransomware or other cybersecurity attacks on your business.

How Cloud Technologies Help Protect Your Business

Ransomware is a growing problem within the business industry, but perhaps the best solution to protecting the long-term viability of your business is closer than you realized. Cloud-based backups provide quick access to the business software and data that are the core of your business, and they are also the building blocks for bringing your business back online after a cybersecurity breach or ransomware attack — or even an extended power outage due to extreme weather conditions. Proactively setting up a backup and business continuity solutions help ensure that your business will be able to bounce back after a significant incident, while other businesses may still be struggling to survive. With global damage from cybercrime set to top $6 trillion by 2021, businesses are scrambling towards cloud technologies as a way to enhance readiness and improve business stability.

Building a Better Cybersecurity Team

According to Frank Downs, director of cybersecurity at ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), “The most prized hire within a cybersecurity organization is a skilled professional, who not only understands the business operation and how cybersecurity fits into the greater needs of the organization, but also knows how to communicate well”. Finding those individuals can be extremely challenging for small to mid-size businesses, and not just because their pay rate tends to exceed what these smaller organizations are able to bear. The sheer demand for these highly-skilled security engineers has them being actively pursued by large organizations — often those that are offering significant perks and additional benefits in exchange for the in-demand knowledge the individuals possess. This skills gap is increasingly prominent in the realm of cloud technologies and cybersecurity, two of the most important job functions to maintain consistent business operations. This is causing more organizations to look for opportunities to outsource this type of support to IT services organizations that are able to offer access to prized technicians and enterprise-scale cloud technologies at a fraction of the cost.

Businesses in the southwest Florida area, as well as Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, need to know that your business data is safely stored in the event of a power outage, hurricane or other natural disasters. With secure, redundant cloud technologies, the experts at Pulse Technologies are able to ensure that your data is fully protected in the event of any emergency so you can bring your business back online quickly after an outage. Contact our team today at 239-676-6866 or go online to schedule your free initial consultation or to learn more about how we can provide proactive support for your islands-based business.