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We believe that we have the best UAV team in the business! We use professionally trained pilots to fly the most advanced unmanned aerial vehicles. With the latest in drone and camera technology, we can provide imaging and sensor needs for identifying vegetation stress, irrigation distribution, estimation, mapping, surveying, tracking, and planning.

Why do individuals and business leaders alike gravitate toward UAV services from ?

  • Quality – We use the latest UAV’s combined with advanced cameras and sensors.
  • Local – Our team works with local growers, real estate agents, and golf course managers in .
  • Individualized Service – Reliable, Trustworthy, Honest, and Fast is how our customers describe us.
  • International – Our pilots and drones travel to destinations around the globe to provide aerial data for companies large and small.

What Drone Services does Offer?

Surveying & Mapping

Surveying is an expensive and labor-intensive process. Drone technology helps surveyors increase safety, accuracy, and efficiency while lowering costs.

  • 3D Point Clouds – By measuring a large number of points on the surface of an object, we can describe that object in a three-dimensional coordinate system data file.
  • Geo-Referenced Orthomosiacs – An orthophotograph, unlike a basic aerial photograph, is an accurate representation of the Earth’s surface and can be utilized to determine the distance between two points. Soaring Sky software can produce Orthomosaics that can be analyzed in any GIS or remote sensing software. Depending on the terrain, weather, and desired image resolution (GSD), Pulse can cover up to 2,000 acres in one flight.
  • Digital Surface Models – To measure terrain features, buildings, vegetation, power lines, , DSM is used. DSM’s provide a topographic model of the earth’s surface. DSM’s can be used to create 3D fly-throughs, support location-based systems, and create augmented simulated environments.


Routine inspections in various industries are a necessary part of maintenance and legislative compliance. Our drone program simplifies the inspection process while enabling safety and cost savings.

  • Cell Tower Inspections – As an alternative to the danger of climbing towers to inspect them, our drone technology can improve the quality and safety, increase the frequency, and reduce the cost of inspections.
  • Wind Turbine Inspections – The use of wind turbines has exploded, but with that expansion of use has come more government oversight and required inspections. We provide a simple and effective method of conducting inspections and delivering reports to the various stakeholders.
  • Structural Inspections – We have experience carrying out surveys and inspections on a range of different industrial structures, including storage tanks, building, roofs, and bridges. Our drones are equipped with DSLR and thermal cameras and provide highly accurate data that pinpoint any weak spots.

Precision Agriculture

Our turnkey aerial image services provide everything you need to get the job done. We provide all the equipment, piloting, insurance and FAA approvals.

  • Get the farming and crop data you require. – We provide data that can be used by the grower, farm manager, or agronomist to extract actionable knowledge from aerial Using these data points, you can leverage low-cost farm intelligence – increasing bottom line on nutrients, pesticides, and labor.
  • Leverage course data and analysis. – Actionable data is a goldmine for golf superintendents. By leveraging drone technology, users can identify areas of turf stress that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Aerial imagery allows you to improve healthy turf, aesthetics, and playability.

UAV Academy

Want to learn to fly multi-rotor or fixed-wing drones?  Our flight team instructors are the best in the industry and will guide you through your first flying experience.  This program was created to offer individuals a safe and effective way to learn and develop their drone skills.

Our four-hour course enables students to learn FAA rules and regulations, equipment and software, launching, flying, and landing drones.

Set yourself up for success! Enroll and get the top-notch training you need to fly with confidence.

Aerial Videography

Our pilots are the best in the business when it comes to getting spectacular footage of your building, landscape, or event. Aerial video footage from will give presence and flair to whatever project you have in mind.

  • Outdoor Social Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Outdoor Weddings
  • Landscape Videos
  • Facility Videos

Put our UAV skills to work for you! Give us a call now at or send an email to to discuss your project.