The economy in Fort Myers, Florida, is pulsing. Diverse small to large companies have made Fort Myers their home and here is where they thrive and expand their businesses. In fact, the city itself has said that “operating a business with a Fort Myers address is a competitive advantage and offers enhanced service levels.”

Though the city that your business calls home is important with respect to the services the business receives, at the heart of every business’s operations is its computer and internet networking system. Without computers and the internet, a business cannot function, and without effective IT management, you may as well pack up the office now. Here’s an example of the trickle-down effect of poor IT management:

  • Poor IT management can lead to security breaches and information leaks;
  • Security breaches and information leaks can lead to data loss, bad branding, bad reputation, lawsuits, among other consequences;
  • These consequences can effectively shut down your business, and closed doors mean no business for you, and you may end up broke — if not financially then mentally and emotionally.

That may sound a bit extreme, but in today’s market, anything is possible — good and bad — and nothing is extreme. You need an IT services company for your Ft. Myers business, but not just any IT services company will do. In fact, you may have had a bad experience with an IT services company, and that’s why you are reading this blog: to find a new one. So, you know you don’t need just any new IT services company, you need the best one that is right for you. Here, we tell you how to find that.

Why Does it Matter Which IT Services Company You Hire for Your Business?

Here’s five — unfortunately common — things that can go wrong if you do not consider and vet properly the IT services company you hire:

  1. You could contract with an IT services company whose IT support is slow or unresponsive, which in turn slows your productivity and operations or brings them to a standstill depending on the situation and IT issue.
  2. You could retain an IT services company that outsources projects to contractors under-qualified for the tasks at hand, which means you could experience problems due to the mistakes of the contractors.
  3. You could retain an IT services company that poorly trains you in the computer and internet systems it offers you, and as such, you are unable to use the system fully and reap its benefits.
  4. You may retain an IT services company that does not conduct regular backups and then once something happens, you lose a good portion of your most recent data.
  5. You may retain an IT services company that does not provide security testing and monitoring regularly, which according to the Federal Trade Commission is necessary, and so if a breach is made, you are the one to be sued — not the IT services company.

Overall, mistakes made or services not offered by the IT services company can be costly to reputation, brand, and your bottom line. And if these things matter to you — and they should if you care about your business — then it matters which IT services company you retain.

What Should You Look for in an IT Services Company?

There are many characteristics and services you should consider when searching for your new IT services company in Fort Myers or anywhere else throughout SW Florida, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Here’s your checklist of what to look for.

1. Disaster Recovery

First thing’s first, you live in Florida, U.S. Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico, where natural catastrophes can prove devastating. When hurricanes hit, or other life-threatening, severe storms, power gets knocked out and your systems go down. It is essential that your IT services company provides disaster recovery planning and solutions. This type of service, however, extends beyond natural or weather-related disasters to include vandalism and other causes. You must always be prepared for the unexpected, and your IT services company must have the capacity and the know-how to make those preparations for you.

2. Availability

Your computer system is operating 24/7 even if you do not. When something happens, though, it slows or stops performing or operating. You need a provider who can fix whatever needs fixing 24 hours out of the day, seven days a week, and 365 days out of the year, and the provider’s response time must be timely since service should be 24/7. A provider with a guaranteed response time would be preferable.

3. Onsite Maintenance and Support

Your IT services provider needs to be local so it can provide onsite maintenance and support. Support over the phone is not enough and will never be enough for maintenance.

4. Onsite Training and Support

Likewise, onsite training and employee support are necessary. To have that hands-on training benefits everyone because the provider can ensure you know and have the tools you need and you can rest assured all your questions about training and support are answered.

5. Online Data Backups

Online data backups are key to proactively protecting your data. Your data is key to your company’s success. Losing any data is to your detriment and it not an option. This returns us to the need for disaster recovery, so even if it’s a storm that takes out the power, you still have your data saved in the cloud.

6. Security Testing & Monitoring

Data saved in the cloud can also be to your detriment if the IT services company does not ensure it is secure and does so by regularly testing and monitoring it. Cybersecurity is an ever-increasing necessity for businesses.

7. Regular Maintenance and Upkeep

Like all things in business, maintenance and upkeep are important. This includes making sure updates are conducted regularly just as much as it means making sure all the new and latest technology is employed to ensure optimal performance.

8. Scalability

If you are a business in Fort Myers or elsewhere in Florida, you know that your business is likely to grow with the economy — or that’s one expectation at least. As such, you want to make sure that your IT services provider can grow with you as you require more data storage, more IT services, etc.

9. Specific Industry Knowledge

You don’t want an IT services company who only knows all things about computers and the internet; you want an IT services company that has an excellent understanding of your industry. This combined knowledge allows the IT provider to intuitively make smart decisions about the services provided to you. Not all IT works the same for everyone and having this inside knowledge is a competitive advantage.

Where Can You Find a World Class IT Services Company in Fort Myers, FL?

If you are in the Fort Myers, Florida, region, then your new IT services company is your neighbor. At Pulse Technologies, we believe we are the best choice for your business IT services, computer services, and computer networking needs. We believe we are the best choice because:

  • We provide a full, complete range of IT services and will advise you on what will work best for you, including cloud services or drone and aerial services.
  • We conduct regularly scheduled online data backups for your peace of mind.
  • We know your business; from healthcare to law to many other industries, our representatives have worked in that industry and know it.
  • We uphold the highest standards in security, security testing, and security monitoring to ensure your data is safe.
  • We grow with you; we have the talent, the skills, and the team to grow with you however far your success takes you.
  • We are local, so we train onsite; we conduct proactive maintenance and support onsite; we arrive onsite timely and can provide support either onsite or online 24 hours every day of the year.

At Pulse Technology Solutions, we provide technology solutions to small and large companies in and around Fort Myers, the rest of the SW Florida region, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands. We believe in our brand so much that you can rest assured that your brand is safe with us, too. To learn more, contact us for a free two hours of PulseCare service so you can see what World Class IT services mean in Fort Myers, Florida.