Restore your data – Even from competely submerged hard drives!
Even if you are NOT associated with Pulse – even if you are not a current client – we can help you restore hard drives through data recovery methods, even if hard drives have been submerged for days at a time. 25% off when you menntion Pulse and this email.

Important Note… Do NOT remove the servers from water. If you do, you will need to re-submerge them in water. It is important to keep the hard drive WET. Once we have the device, we have a specific method for restoring them.

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Pulse Tech Solutions offers “no charge” technology situational analysis for businesses affected by Hurricane Irma.

As the Southeastern United States and areas north up the Eastern Seaboard prepare for the arrival of Category 5 Hurricane Irma, Pulse Tech Solutions stands ready to help. Pulse Tech Solutions supports the complete technology infrastructure needs of business.

Pulse Tech is offering a free situational assessment and disk extraction for businesses that suffer water damage of any sort during Hurricane Irma.
To help recover your critical business information and get your company back to normal operations, Pulse Tech Solutions offers a free situational analysis of the state of your IT infrastructure. Call 239-362-9902 to contact the closest Pulse Tech office and schedule a situational assessment. If requested, Pulse Tech Solutions is ready and able do whatever is needed to help you resume normal operations. If your systems have been submerged or exposed to the elements, it is important to obtain a complete situational assessment. Powering on technology subjected to the elements can worsen the damage already done and may make it impossible to recover your data. Should Pulse Tech’s situational assessment call for specialized data recovery services, they will retrieve your damaged drives and disks, package them properly, and get them to our data forensics partner at Flashback in Austin. All of this is provided by Pulse Tech Solutions for free. Any needed work to be by Flashback will be done at a discount of 25%. Essentially, Flashback will perform its data recovery for anyone affected by Hurricane Irma at cost.

Flashback Data is Pulse Tech’s trusted and authorized partner for data recovery and cyber forensic analysis services. We work closely with Flashback so we can follow the entire data recovery process online for our clients, from the minute they check your media into their lab until it is ready for review and delivery. “Flashback Data is committed to helping everyone that has data loss due to Harvey and Irma,” said Damon O’Connell, President and CEO of Flashback Data.”

Our partners at Flashback Data also compiled the following list of do’s and don’ts for anyone assessing flood damage in the wake of Harvey or Irma:

DO leave the device “as is.” Don’t try and clean off excess dirt or debris that may have occurred in a flood or disaster. Wiping debris from drives and media can cause greater damage to the electronic components of the device.
DON’T attempt to dry the water-damaged drive. While it’s often your first instinct, doing so will decrease chances of recovery.
DO put it the drive in a bag to help it retain moisture from water submersion. A soaked and unused sponge will help prevent further damage. As the moisture levels decrease, corrosion levels and damages increase (think dried salt crust from ocean water).
DON’T power the device on. If there is water on any of the electrical components or internals of a drive, you can ruin your chances of recovery forever.
DO let Pulse Tech and Flashback Data know if your items have been damaged in a natural disaster so that we can take additional precautions prior to opening the package.
DON’T hesitate to find out if Pulse Tech Solutions can help. We have the right tools and equipment to safely evaluate the chances of recovery quickly, and we have helped thousands of clients recover from natural disasters big and small.

Pulse Tech Solutions is committed to helping our clients survive and thrive in the face of natural disasters. Contact Pulse Tech Solutions today to find out more about how we worry about your IT no matter what the challenge. To schedule a situational assessment, call 1-239-362-9902.