Technology Support For The Hospitality Industry

Hospitality businesses run full speed ahead 24/7/365 — and your technology services provider must be able to support high-availability systems with an added layer of security.  

One of the ways that hospitality businesses are able to differentiate themselves from the competition is by the level of over-the-top customer service that they provide. When staff members are willing to go the extra mile for their guests, it creates a memorable experience that begs to be shared with friends and family members. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of individuals passing through your hotel makes it unlikely that your staff could remember personal details about each individual — but your business technology can easily remember preferences and be programmed to make helpful recommendations. When correctly applied, you can leverage smart technology to define the difference between so-so guest experiences and those that are truly remarkable.

Consistent Access to WiFi Networks

Are you confident that your WiFi networks are nearly foolproof — providing secure and reliable internet access that your guests expect? According to the ALICE hospitality app, nearly 14% of poor reviews come from travelers who are displeased with the quality or availability of the WiFi services in their room or in hotel common areas. When describing why the app was brought to fruition, ALICE’s Co-founder and President, Alex Shashou notes, “What we realized is there’s a lack of mobile technology on the guest side but the real inefficiency you’re experiencing is coming from the back end. The hotel could be running anywhere from three to five systems and they’re all disconnected legacy systems”. This type of inefficiency can cause significant delays to guests.

Secure, Reliable Solutions

The amount of information stored within a hotel’s database is truly staggering, including everything from guest names, home addresses and phone numbers to handicapped room preferences. The marketing value of the information — if not the personal nature of stored financial transactions — makes hotels an attractive target for cybercriminals. Maintaining a high degree of security for this information requires a concerted effort at 360-degree cybersecurity, including advanced firewall technology, robust backup and disaster recovery processes and more. This is particularly true of hospitality businesses in areas where there is a high risk of power loss or damage due to natural disasters or major storms. Under these conditions, the ability to quickly regain access to hotel data and business systems is critical.

Pulse Technology: Reliable Technology Support For The Hospitality Industry

Your guests are rarely willing to be patient when it comes to your hospitality business — they want highly personalized service and recommendations at their fingertips at all times. At Pulse Technology, we understand the meaning of exceptional service and strive to provide all of our hospitality clients in Southwest Florida, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands with world-class technology solutions that simply work. If you’re ready to experience the difference that true service professionals can make for your business technology, contact us at 239-572-9462 or chat online with our friendly service team anytime.