Scams reproduce fast. Once one scammer figures out a way to succeed, copycats decide to attempt it themselves. In April, Google offered refunds to users who purchased a fake Kaspersky Mobile app from Google Play. Since then, there have been complaints of the same scam within the Android and Windows phone app stores. The fake

Have you ever looked up your name in a search engine and found something embarrassing or upsetting? As of May 13th, 2014, you’re able to request to delete that information. And if the search engine believes the information infringes on your privacy, it will be deleted. If not, then you’ll have to go to court

The days of saving your information on your computer’s hard drive are gone. Now, there is a more efficient way to share or store data in a safer, accessible location. Unfortunately, the luxury to save large amounts of data will affect your bandwidth requirements. The cloud is commonly used for transferring data back and forth

We all receive certain calls that we just don’t want to answer, but it’s frustrating to ignore calls all the time. As a business owner, it’s especially frustrating to hear your phone ringing over and over again when you’re extremely busy. So how can you block numbers to save yourself the hassle of ignoring those

Nobody likes to pay for a service only to be told they owe extra. Hidden fees are not only aggravating, but they’re also dishonest. Here are five ways to avoid paying more than the original agreement. Research first  Become knowledgeable in the information technology world before your IT Consultant tries to use jargon or tricks

The University of California, Irvine Student Health Center has been the victim of a HIPAA breach.  Nearly 2,000 pieces of PHI (protected health information), including financial data, were stolen via a keylogger attack.  The keylogger collected this information for over a period of a month before being discovered. How This Happened.  The keylogger was residing

Formatting a Word document is crucial in today’s business world. If you are unable to format a simple document then what else are you incapable of doing? Don’t worry because you’re going to fix that problem right now. Within a few hours of training and practise, most adults can perform the essential commands involved with

SEO is one of the most popular topics when it comes to online marketing in the modern age. The online world is fast and ruthless. If you’re not willing to adapt then your business, whether it’s small or large, will be punished. Google algorithms have shaken-up the playing field and imposed two key updates: Panda,

If so, this is just like pouring water into a leaky bucket.  You may get your immediate issues resolved, but you’re not getting the long-term value that you should for your IT dollars.  Plus, without ongoing monitoring and maintenance, you’re setting your business up for costly downtimes. IT Managed Services from Pulse Technology Solutions provide what you

EBay’s parent company E-commerce, is asking all their users to change their passwords after a cyber attack compromised their database. So far they haven’t reported any stolen financial data, but to be certain you aren’t affected, it’s best to change your password. E-commerce also owns PayPal, however their data is stored on a separate network,