Have an IT issue, problem, or question? Our Help Desk is here for you 24 x 7 and you don’t even need to pick up the phone.

You can request our Help Desk service and technology support via email or on our client portal. One of our experts will be there for you every minute of every day.

You depend on your technology for many business functions, and you need it to operate at peak performance, so you can get your work done. You shouldn’t have to worry about downtime that robs you of productivity and disrupts your business processes. When faced with IT problems of any kind, our Help Desk staff is here for you.

Our Help Desk staff is composed of experts who can troubleshoot your problems. They use a multi-tiered approach to address a whole host of issues. If our Help Desk staff can’t resolve a problem themselves, they’ll create a ticket and send it to the appropriate tech engineer who can.

Here’s how the process works on our end when you contact us for support:

• You reach out to us on our client portal, by email, or over the phone.
• If we can’t immediately solve your problem, your request is entered into our ticketing system and assigned to the specialist who knows your business best and can handle the particular IT issue you’re facing.
• We’ll send you a notification that one of our technicians has been assigned to your case.
• Your dedicated tech engineer will work on your problem within the first hour of receiving your request. (In most instances within 20 minutes.)
• If your technology problem is too difficult to solve or requires additional expertise, we’ll escalate your ticket to a senior-level engineer.
• If there are any changes in status, you’ll be notified immediately.
• When your problem has been resolved, we’ll send you another notification. We’ll be sure to ask if you need additional support or have any questions.

If you are satisfied with the work we’ve completed, we’ll forward the entire case to our technical director who will review it to ensure we’ve provided the best service possible.

We Work For You Behind The Scenes As Well

Even when you don’t need us, our Help Desk staff is working for you. Our technicians start early in the morning before many are at work. They review all client requests, check that everyone’s backup processes ran properly, and confirm that antivirus/malware solutions are working as they should. Then they review patch updates to make sure none were missed. (This can occur when a client’s computer is turned off overnight.)

Our Help Desk Staff Follows IT Support Best Practices:

1. You’ll have a single point of contact for your IT concerns.
2. We handle error reports regarding IT interruptions.
3. We serve as your IT consultant regarding software and programs.
4. We’ll help to promote user awareness of IT functions and issues, and the appropriate use of IT services and resources.
5. We’ll track the potential repercussions of incoming error reports.
6. We have the capabilities to remotely control and address IT issues to prevent further escalations.
7. We can provide multiple solutions to issued reports.

We understand that, in this day and time, business owners expect their IT Help Desk to operate at its fullest potential. This improves IT troubleshooting processes, so all clients receive fast and accurate responses to their inquiries and requests. We work to make sure any IT problems are quickly resolved.

Other Ways Our Help Desk Supports Your Business

Knowledge Administration – We have a well-defined system that boosts the efficiency of IT operational functions. We do this by identifying similar previously encountered problems and by basing our solution on what worked best in the past.

Service Catalog – To make the process faster and easier for you, our Help Desk staff refers to our service catalog with accurate descriptions of technology issues. They can handle many issues without escalating them to another technician.

Problem Administration – All of our reports are logged and stored in our company data base. This allows us to recognize the most frequently encountered problems and more easily narrow down the cause of issues, so they can be resolved permanently.

Access Administration – Our Help Desk Staff has the capability to record and manage user accounts in order to resolve user log-in issues quickly.

Our ultimate goal is to get you back to work swiftly and to provide the best customer care possible. With our Help Desk and Technology Support, you’ll never have to wait around wondering if we’re working on your problem. We’ll handle your issues quickly, competently, and efficiently. You’ll know that you’re in good hands and that we’ll take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about IT glitches slowing down your workday.