What Does This Mean for YOUR Business? It’s a topic that’s sparked debate and launched protests, and today a decision has finally been reached. With a 3-2 vote, the Federal Communications Commission approved a policy known as net neutrality. Chances are, you’ve heard of it, but do you know what it means? Closer Regulation of

Are you looking for the best computer consulting company in Fort Myers? It can be tough to weed out the great from the mediocre, but following a few pretty simple tips will definitely help you out. You need a company that will understand your needs and strive for the best to help you succeed. Go

Working online provides us countless benefits – from easy communications with family and friends and seamless collaboration between employees, speed, easy management of tasks… the list goes on and on. But with all of those benefits come risks, and not knowing how to manage your online presence can be incredibly dangerous. We type our information

In order to keep up with the changing times it seems that CIOs needs to evolve the way they approach their leadership role. According to a Digital IT survey, between 35 and 50% of businesses IT spending is outside of the CIO’s budget – so, how do CIOs continue to affect how businesses leverage technology?

It probably seems like a great network services company in Naples, FL is hard to come by – but trust us, it doesn’t have to be. We know that most other companies tend to give you the run-around, barely answering the questions you ask and instead giving you by-the-book answers that don’t really tell you

If you haven’t done it already, then upgrading from Windows XP should be on the top of your to-do list. Microsoft will end support for Windows XP on April 8th, 2014, which means the operating system will be vulnerable to security threats. Here’s 5 tips to help you ensure a smooth upgrade from Windows XP:

Will History Repeat Itself or Will Obama’s 30 Day Breach Warning Lessen the Number of Disastrous Data Breaches? In 2014, we saw a lot of advanced new threats coming out and targeting businesses of all types and sizes, such as spear-phishing, which made a multitude of headlines throughout the year. Did you come into 2015

Make Sure Your Lenovo Laptop Isn’t at Risk From a Newly Discovered Cybercrime Security Threat! If you use a Lenovo laptop, you’re at great risk of being hacked right now. It was recently discovered that Lenovo had recently sold laptops packaged with Superfish adware automatically installed on them. What does that mean? Not only is

Are You Taking Your Company’s Cyber Security Seriously? Your Password Says Differently. Every business owner knows that 2014 was an eye-opening year when it comes to security – several large data breaches took place, from J.P. Morgan Chase to Home Depot. Some people are still not learning their lesson and cracking down on cyber security.

Does Your IT Company Take the Required Security Precautions to Combat Malware? Do You Know What Your System Is Up Against? Malicious Software is the given name to malware – it can refer to any computer program designed to harm your computer or carry out any actions without your knowledge. Unfortunately, it comes in a