Our Hosted Email Services will provide dependable email services to keep you productive.

Secure and reliable email is essential for most businesses today. No longer can you depend on Gmail, Yahoo, or other public email services that are full of spam and phishing emails that your employees might fall victim to. Email comes with risks unless it’s managed and monitored properly. Plus, with the emphasis on electronic transmission of data comes concerns about compliance standards. Many industries face stringent regulations when it comes to sharing email over wired and wireless networks. If you’re unhappy with your current email solution, or you want a more personalized service, we can migrate you to our Hosted Email Services.

Email Hosting Services from provide the answer to these dilemmas.

Our team can manage and monitor your email solution 24 x 7 to prevent intrusions and provide comprehensive and reliable email services that you and your authorized users can access from anywhere you have an internet connection. Plus, we offer superior email support and service if you ever have a problem. This will give you the peace of mind that you can always stay reliably connected.

Ours is a premium service that differs from the typical free webmail sites such as Yahoo and Google. Unlike these services, you can present a professional appearance to your customers. Our Hosted Email Service provides advanced email solutions compared to free webmail solutions, and it’s hosted on a dedicated email platform. You’ll have your own domain name that you can use for your email address which will portray the professionalism that you need to impress your clients.

What You Can Expect From Your Custom-Designed Hosted Email Solution

Using our Hosted Email Service ensures your email is always managed and secure. It’s a customizable, affordable, and high-performing solution that provides for:

Security: Your email messages and accompanying data will be stored securely and safely when in transit. We will monitor the privacy of your system, shore up security holes, and block intrusions to keep your emails safe.

Real-Time Synchronization: You’ll benefit from synchronization in real time along with the capability to send information on your hosted server to select mobile devices while keeping it in sync. We’ll help you do this with your global address books, public folders, and more. Your authorized employees will have anytime, anywhere access to their email from their PCs, Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Your employees’ mobile devices will be on the same page when it comes to utilization and security.

Email Migration: Get reliable email forwarding, content conversion, and mapping. We provide email migration that meets your technical and budgetary requirements.

Email Filtering: Block spam and phishing messages. Ensure your email messages go where they’re supposed to. We monitor both outbound and inbound filtering criteria with keywords to help categorize email flow. This, like our other features, is automated and in effect 24 x 7 and it works from wherever you are, even halfway around the world.

Email Encryption: Automatically add another layer of protection with email encryption. It proactively protects your messages and data in both transit and storage. Only the intended recipient can read your emails.

Data Storage and Retrieval: Now you’ll have secure backups of your email messages so you can easily retrieve them when needed.

Compliance Services: Ensure your email solution meets regulatory, governmental, and industry standards. This protects against costly data breaches.  

Your own Domain Name: Add a professional look and feel with an address like “name@your company name.”

Affordability: There are no hardware or software costs. Old fashioned email services require hardware and software licenses, additional web and application services, and redundant storage for mailboxes. Then there’s the required data center infrastructure, network bandwidth, power supply, and rack space. Forget all of this.  With our Email Hosting, you’ll have a turn-key solution customized for your business needs. You’ll have all the functionality you need from a private email system without the high costs. We provide a fixed, user-based fee you can pay for monthly, so there are no large capital expenditures on your part.

Scalability lets you add or delete users as needed: You won’t be locked down, and your costs will always be predictable and easy to budget for.

Business Continuity: All of your information will be stored and backed up in one, secure offsite location for business continuity and disaster recovery.

A 100% uptime guarantee and 24 x 7 support: You’ll have the support you deserve, unlike other email services – no more long hold times waiting for someone to answer your questions or help you with email issues.

Our Hosted Email Solution is capable of handling thousands of email accounts, so it’s perfect for small to mid-sized businesses like yours. 

To learn more about our Hosted Email Solution, or for a complimentary demonstration, contact your IT Partner in Southwest Florida – at or .