Choose Disaster Avoidance Over Disaster Recovery!

Before you start worrying about the next hurricane, flood, or tornado, consider your disaster avoidance plan. Can your business continue to function no matter what? Your employees count on you, and your customers do too. Don’t let them down. You need the multi-tiered disaster prevention technology that we provide to businesses in Southwest Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

We don’t use scare tactics like other IT companies do. Living in our area, you know what Mother Nature can throw at you. Most people and businesses here take precautions to ensure their property and family remains safe no matter what. However, many businesses still rely on onsite data backups rather than planning to continue their business functions with today’s cloud solutions and virtualization.

Onsite backups can fail. Plus, unless you have access to them, you won’t have the data you need. If you only have one backup, how will you get the data to employees who have been evacuated to other areas? These are practical questions you should be able to answer now, rather than later.

Our cloud and virtualization technologies utilize failover techniques that allow you and your employees to access your business data from anywhere you have a computer device and internet connection. If needed, you can run your network and replicate your data to your location, no matter where you are.

To do this requires an IT Partner you can trust—someone you can count on in any situation. An IT partner like will take every precaution to make sure your IT infrastructure stays intact. We provide the customized, reliable technology you need to stay up and running at all times. You can sleep well with peace of mind knowing that your data is securely stored and readily recoverable.

In our business, avoiding disasters is the best route. However, sometimes that’s just not possible. We’re a team that focuses on your success, and who won’t let you be victimized by forces like the weather. Our backup and disaster recovery solution is the key to business continuity no matter what Mother Nature is doing.

Many organizations that experience a significant loss of data never fully recover. Some even go out of business from big hurricanes that destroy everything. Lost or destroyed files and network failures can paralyze your operations. We won’t let this happen. We have a proven, reliable backup and disaster recovery solution that’s essential for businesses in SW Florida.

Every part of our solution is based on best practices. We also customize it to align with your processes. As time goes by, we review and update our procedures as new and improved technologies are released. This is part of our commitment to our clients. We understand how important your business is to you and we’re in business to help you succeed with sound IT strategies.

Before disaster strikes, we’ll determine what your high-value data assets are and make sure they are properly backed up, encrypted, and recoverable. We do this by conducting regular testing and ongoing 24 x 7 remote monitoring. We’ll even ensure that you can develop a reliable contact list for your employees, vendors, and customers so you can continue communicating with them from a remote location.

So What Will This Cost?

We’ll design a solution that you can pay for on a monthly basis and that won’t break the bank. If you sign on to our Managed IT Services, all of this and more is included in your monthly service. And we’ll make sure it’s customized to cover all your needs.

We’ll design a system that protects your critical systems, data, workstations, mobile devices, and networks. We’ll verify that your files are intact and quickly recoverable. We can also provide hosted email and VoIP business phone solutions that keep your lines of communication open, just like when you’re at the office.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Properly designing a backup and disaster recovery solution is a complex process. If you make a mistake, you can lose out big time when a disaster does strike. The most reliable solution is an enterprise-based backup to a secure offsite data center, a cloud-based storage solution with virtualization, or a hosted cloud.

With a data-center backup in place, your critical data will be separate from your network, so if it shuts down, you’ll still have access to your information. It can never be damaged by a storm, flood, fire or other destructive force.

With an enterprise-based cloud service solution that includes virtualization, you’ll have the ability to quickly spin up all the data and applications. In fact, you’ll be able to access your complete IT infrastructure from a remote location. All you need is a computer device and internet connection. A custom cloud backup solution like Dropbox or Google Drive can’t provide this capability. They won’t work for you if you have a lot of data that you need quickly. Nor can they support the benefits that virtualization provides.

A private hosted cloud is one of the most professional, reliable options for backing up and retrieving data. It offers all the services you need, and we’ll manage everything for you.  We can host your physical servers through a direct network connection so it’s always accessible and secure.

The experts at will work with you to provide the best backup and disaster recovery services for your unique situation. We’re more than an IT vendor. We treat your business and data like we do our own. We’re your IT Partner in Southwest Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.