Are You Worried That Your Computers Will Crash?

Unless you have preventive IT service and proactive IT support from a qualified Technology Solutions Provider like Pulse Business Solutions, you’ll face big problems such as computers that run slowly or simply shut down. And unless you have 24/7 IT support from a provider like Pulse, your business can also be shut down for days.

Unlike other IT companies in SW Florida, we provide continuous remote monitoring to manage your computers and network, apply patches as soon as they come out, and actively block threats and other issues that cause costly downtime.

I’m worried about downtime, but I also wonder why our computers run so slowly. How am I supposed to get my work done? Can you help with this?

We know this is irritating. When computers stall or software gets hung up, your customers won’t understand. They’ll keep calling asking you when you’ll get that proposal to them, provide the service you promised, or send that product in the mail. Vendors won’t understand either. They’ll call wondering when they’ll be paid. It’s enough to make you quit your job! But, before you do, ask your manager to call Pulse Business Solutions. With our 24/7 remote monitoring, patch management and fast onsite service, you’ll never have to worry about slow (or no) computers again. 

What is proactive IT service?

With our Managed IT Services, you’ll benefit from proactive service that deals with the small issues as they crop up. We resolve them remotely, or if the problem is too big to deal with from our office, we will visit your site to get things running smoothing again. Plus, we provide software updates and patches as soon as they’re released to keep your computers running as they should.

What do your IT Managed Services provide?

Before we even get started, we will sit down with your owners or managers to determine what technology solutions you need to get your job done. We then conduct a technology assessment to determine the status of your computers, servers, software and other IT solutions. If necessary, we’ll present a list of what we advise to ensure you’re using the technology that’s right for you and that it’s up-to-date. Once we agree about what you want us to do, we’ll get to work right away remediating any issues. At this point, we can begin our remote monitoring and maintenance to ensure everything runs as it should. If we detect any problems, we’ll immediately let you know. However, in most instances, we’ll have already addressed the issue before you even know there was a problem.

Will this be expensive?

Our IT Managed Services pay for themselves with the productivity and efficiencies you’ll gain from properly running computers. You’ll benefit from a fixed, affordable monthly fee that you can predictably budget for. All our monitoring, management, patching and onsite visits are included. You’ll receive a full-service IT management plan with comprehensive, 24/7 IT support. No more slow computers. No more downed network. You’ll be able to keep working without IT interruptions. You’ll never be alone without the help that you need.

Why don’t we pay as we go instead?

With break/fix services IT contractors come in, fix things and charge you by the hour. In many cases, they need to come back again. This costs you with each visit they make, and you can’t budget how much your IT service costs month-to-month. It benefits them to do things this way because the more problems you have, the more money they make. With our Managed IT Services, it’s better for us if we keep your computers and network running smoothly. This costs you less in the long run. Think about it–no more surprise break/fix bills! For our affordable, fixed monthly fee, you’ll have complete 24/7 IT support with the peace of mind that you need.

Are your techs certified in the solutions we use?

We will make sure they are. And we’ll send a dedicated technician to you who also understands your business needs. Whether you’re in legal services, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, food service, or any type of business in Southwest Florida, the expert technician we send will be capable and experienced in your particular industry and the technology that you use. You’ll never have to wonder if they have the appropriate skill set for the issues you’re dealing with. Plus, they will also take the time to explain what they are doing in plain language that you and your staff can understand.

This sounds great – What do I need to do to get things going?

Other than calling us to schedule a visit to your office, you don’t have to do a thing. We’ll meet with your owner or managers and explain how our Managed IT Services work. We invite your questions and appreciate your interest, so never hesitate to ask us anything.

We’ll provide a no-obligation visit to determine what your needs are and how we can meet them. We even have IT Strategists who can help you plan for your future growth. It’s always good to do this so we can correctly align your technology to meet your growing needs and help you with budgeting for your technology both now and in the years to come.

As you can see, Pulse Business Solutions is more than an IT vendor; we’re an IT Partner. When you succeed, we do too! Call Pulse Business Solutions at or email us at  to get the computer and IT support you need in Southwest Florida.