Disaster Recovery & Avoidance Services

Even if a tropical storm or hurricane shuts down your business, you still need to keep working. Today with the right IT services, you can. We can replicate your data and applications in the Cloud, so you can access them from wherever you are. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Service aligns your technology with our multi-tiered solution.

It all begins with an enterprise-based onsite backup and a secure cloud backup where your data is safely replicated to a data center. To do this most effectively, we use technologies like virtualization where we provide a cloud-based version of your Servers, Desktops, File Storage, and Applications in a secure Data Center.

You can access your systems from any location where you have internet access. We perform regular replication tests to ensure your IT infrastructure can be recovered reliably. You won’t need to do a thing. We perform these functions remotely without interruptions to your business operations.

Even if your business is down from a simple power outage, your IT assets will be there for you when you need them. We’ll help you get back up and running from where you left off, from any internet-connected device.

You can trust us to provide:

  • Image or File-Based Backups.
  • Managed Onsite Backups for quick data retrieval when you’re in your office.
  • Managed Offsite Backups for business continuity when your office is shut down.
  • Virtualization via our cloud servers that gets you up and running in just minutes – no more waiting hours to download your data.

Our Focus Is On Proactive Rather Than Reactive Solutions

The best solution for your business operation is one where your employees can continue to work no matter what. We focus on keeping your company going strong regardless of the circumstances. Our goal is 99.99% uptime for your IT operations.

We manage your backup and disaster recovery solution behind the scenes 24 x 7, and we continually monitor your system for any errors or issues that could impede your progress. Quick and complete data recovery is paramount for business continuity.

You can keep working knowing that your digital assets and information will always be at your fingertips, even if your office is flooded or damaged by a disaster.

Our BDR Service utilizes local storage combined with virtualization and cloud technologies to guarantee that your business can recover more quickly than with any other solution.

You’ll have the peace of mind that your IT investments are always safe and sound. If you have to evacuate to another city, work from a hotel room, or temporarily move to a shelter, you can access your data. All you need is an internet connection and a computer device or even a smartphone.

And, your customers won’t know that you’re serving them from a different location. Your technology will continue to function seamlessly without impacting your productivity or processes.

Additional Continuity Solutions

When you sign on for our email hosting solution, all of your messages will be safely stored offsite so you can retrieve them. Staying in communications with your clients, employees, and others will keep your business running as it should. A hosted email exchange provides the ability to share, not just email and email folders, but also the ability to make calendar appointments, store and retrieve contact information, write and share notes, and other tasks. Plus, we can keep them in sync with your employees’ computer devices regardless of whether they use an Apple, Android, or Windows device.

To further enhance your BDR posture, we can provide a Telephony/VoIP Business Phone Solution that keeps you connected with your clients and allows you to provide an exceptional telecommunications experience from wherever you have internet access. When phone lines go down, and the power is out, you still need to make and receive business calls. You’ll benefit from capabilities like conference calling, desk-to-desk calling, music-on-hold, automated attendants, and so much more. Whether your employees are in one location or at multiple sites, taking calls or making them, your phone system will provide the continuity you need. Plus, we can create a customized solution that best fits your business communication style.

With Cloud IT Solutions like Microsoft Office 365, you and your employees can stay connected and collaborate on projects via the Internet no matter what location you’re working from. Cloud computing provides the mobility you need so you can stay productive even if you can’t work from your office. Our reliable Cloud Solutions allow you to access, manage, process, and store your data safely, and in a cost-effective, scalable fashion. You can take advantage of an abundance of technologies at an affordable cost and without needing any technical expertise. You’ll have a complete solution that larger enterprises benefit from, but at an affordable cost.

With everything that we provide, we know that business continuity is more than being able to save and retrieve your files and data. It’s about supporting your business, employees, customers, and your family. It keeps the revenue coming in, protects your workers’ livelihood, and preserves the trust you’ve built with your clients.

Successful business is all about being proactive rather than reactive and facing challenges head-on. We’ll be there every step of the way and help you navigate whatever you face. This is what a true IT Partner does.