Don’t waste time and money on a bad IT service plan!

If you are still using break/fix IT service, you probably face technology challenges on a regular basis. And, if so, you’re wasting time and money that you shouldn’t. Instead, spend your time stopping the break/fix cycle and save time and money by using the proactive, preventive support of IT Managed Services. When you rely on the experts at , our cost-effective Managed IT Services will keep your systems up and running at peak performance.

Are you having issues with the company that services your IT infrastructure?

The following are questions we’re asked by businesses looking to switch from break/fix to Managed IT Services:

Why Does It Take So Long For Break/Fix Contractors To Show Up?

Probably because they have so many customers like you whose computers continually crash, or their data gets held hostage from ransomware infections. You’re not the only company they have to run to with IT emergencies, and you must wait in line. Without preventive and proactive IT Managed Services the problems keep occurring and never get fully resolved.

Why Does My IT Company Keep Sending Me Bills I Don’t Expect?

With break/fix service you get charged for every little thing they do. Rather than paying a fixed monthly fee for Managed IT Services, you get an “a la carte” service with break/fix. And, you have no control over what you’re ordering. When you’re facing downtime, all you want is for your computers to work again. The company piles on the charges with each hour they are there. Break/fix IT service can be very expensive because of this, not to mention the cost of downtime.

Why Does It Seem Like I’m Always Calling For IT Service?

Using break/fix IT service is like constantly using the emergency room for your healthcare. You resolve the immediate issue but never get to the core of the problem. Eventually, all these problems mount up causing downtime that costs you in lost business and customers. Ultimately, this negatively affects the sustainability of your company.

Why Is This Happening Again and Again?

Businesses in SW Florida call us when they’ve had enough with the break/fix cycle. We go in and clean up the mess that other IT companies left behind. We handle the problems that IT companies caused because they didn’t resolve the issues that caused computers to crash in the first place.

How Do We Stop The Break Fix Cycle?

Contact the experts at . For an affordable monthly fee, we will keep your IT system and computers up and running. We’ll prevent costly downtime and productivity issues caused by hardware and software solutions that don’t work properly. We’ll resolve the underlying problems and show you and your staff how to take advantage of the efficiencies the right IT solutions provider.

What Can We Expect From You?

is the leader in IT Service and Solutions for companies in Southwest Florida. Through our investment of extensive resources over time we’ve developed a mature Managed IT Services and Support Program.

We provide our customers with repeatable, proven processes that deliver consistently successful results every time. We know that IT is the heartbeat of your business and it deserves the best and most cost-effective service and solutions available.

Whether your company is small or large, or no matter what industry you serve, you can rely on Pulse Business Solutions for Managed IT Services and Support, Cloud Computing Solutions, Communication Solutions Collaboration Technologies, Strategic IT Management, Cyber Security and more.

What Do Your Managed IT Services Include?

This is just some of what we provide:

  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance of your network that ensures reliability and security.
  • A 24/7 Help Desk staffed by certified, knowledgeable professionals who will always respond quickly to your questions and concerns.
  • Technology that aligns with your business needs and goals.
  • Cloud Solutions that save you money, solve storage issues, improve data accessibility and mobility, and that can be scaled up or down as needed.
  • Mobile Device Management that ensures your data is protected on mobile devices wherever they are.
  • Spam and Email Protection along with a layered IT security system that blocks destructive threats.
  • Support and advice for special projects, relocations, or other pending needs.
  • Technology that works the first time, so you don’t have to call us back again.

Can You Tell Me More?

With Managed IT Services from our experts you’ll have:

  • On-demand assistance from our qualified Southwest Florida IT support team.
  • Ongoing monitoring of your network to prevent problems and downtime.
  • More time for you to focus on building revenue and growing your business.
  • Access to the latest IT solutions.
  • On-demand IT assistance to improve productivity and morale.
  • Low, fixed-cost, monthly billing for all of our services.
  • Flexible, affordable pricing that allows you to increase or decrease managed services as your business grows or fluctuates.
  • Predictable costs to more easily budget your IT services.
  • Big-business managed IT services at small-business prices.

How Can We Get The Most Benefit From Our IT Investment?

We do more than just set up your technology and leave. We’ll show you how to leverage your solutions to get the most return on your investments. You’ll benefit from technology that functions flawlessly and seamlessly with your other IT solutions. And, we’ll always ensure that your technology aligns with your changing business needs.

Learn how using will be the best choice for your business. Give us a call at or send an email to . We’ll be happy to visit you to answer any more questions you might have.