Adopting content marketing strategies may just be what your small business needs to remain up to date and in the rankings with the higher corporate markets. But how do you go about content marketing today when consumers are shutting off traditional methods? With the tips below, you’ll have the tools and information you need to

In October 2012, the Library of Congress – in charge of directing how the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA is enforced – ruled that cell phone unlocking without your wireless carriers permission was illegal. Cell-phone users everywhere were displeased with this news. However, July 2014 marks the date where Congress returned the right for

Battery life ruining your life? We’ve all been there, and sometimes we simply can’t afford to accept the fate of our dying laptops. Sometimes, we need to milk as much time as we can possibly get with our precious little devices. There are some things you can do to buy more time with your laptop

What Does This Say About the Security of Our Technology Today? Has the Internet become such an unsafe place that businesses are regressing to old ways? Is this the best solution to preventing espionage? Maybe, maybe not, but what’s important is the extreme actions that are willing to be made in order to achieve some

Do you spend so much time gawking at the new iOS7 design that you don’t even know what cool new features have been added? Do you still joke that Siri is a racist because she can’t pronounce your name correctly? Fear not, with these cool tips and features, you’ll have the most up to date

Many large and small sized companies are utilizing cloud computing services for their business needs. However there are still those who feel reluctance towards adopting this new technology into their business practice. What are the benefits of moving to a cloud service? Accessibility The most important factor of a cloud service is accessibility. With a

Are you a business traveler that relies on Wi-Fi to get all your work done? If so, do you find yourself running into technical difficulties often preventing you from accomplishing anything? This is a common concern when Wi-Fi is limited where you are, or just really slow. With the use of websites like: Hotel Wi-Fi

After a rocky start, Chromebooks are starting to make a comeback.  The offline capabilities of Chrome OS are impressive, and Chromebooks are now widely available from Dell, Acer, HP, Toshiba, and Samsung at reasonable price points. Chromebooks are able to tackle many needs like sending emails and even watching movies offline. However, these capabilities are

In early 2010, many individuals fell victim to a common scam, wherein hackers disguised themselves as Microsoft support technicians to trick unsuspecting victims into paying a fee to remove malware from their computers. And in the past few weeks, this fake support scam has reappeared with a vengeance! According to Kristen Kliphouse, Microsoft’s Executive of

In the business world, the term BYOD (bring your own device) has become incredibly popular. BYOD is a policy in which employees are allowed to use their personal mobile devices to access enterprise data and programs. And this popular policy is helping to shape the way small and large businesses run! In fact, it’s becoming