IT Solutions for Real Estate

Collaborate More Effectively and Sell More Properties in Florida, The US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Industry does make a difference when it comes to your technology. has experience serving leading real estate agencies just like yours, and a thorough understanding of the inner workings of the real estate industry including the latest in compliance regulations for the real estate sector.

The real estate market is a battlefield on which even the most experienced of investors and agents fall. Many times, it is not because they do not have the sales ability or the organization, but rather, their downfall is a lack of coordination of all of the moving parts in a deal. That lack of coordination can often be fixed by implementing technology strategies designed to keep everything working toward the end goal of the final sale.

Whether your concern is privacy, online security, or the coordination between the field and the office, the team can advise on IT solutions to boost your chances of sales success.

One of the most substantial paths to progress is through the use of Internet-based telecommunications systems. Not only do they reduce costs, but they also provide great flexibility and improved collaboration and communication among team members.

Among the benefits of a switch to internet-based telephones are:

  • Easier client access to brokers out in the field
  • Monitoring of incoming calls and their routing
  • Communications reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to help understand call traffic patterns
  • Automatic forwarding options to ensure calls get to the right department every time
  • Unlimited employee extension numbers
  • Tracking and reporting of marketing campaigns via unique phone codes
  • Lowered long distance costs
  • Internal hosting capabilities

What the Team Can Do for You

Industry does make a difference when it comes to your technology. After all, there are nuances and intricacies to every line of work, and it’s important that your IT team understands that.  has experience serving leading real estate agencies just like yours.  We have a thorough understanding of the inner workings of the real estate industry including the latest in compliance regulations for the real estate sector. When you hire , you hire a team that is committed to providing top-tier solutions that are appropriate not only for your particular industry but also to your specific business.

We provide the IT you need at a price that you can afford

will custom design an IT suite that perfectly suits the work you do, and all at an affordable, flat-rate monthly fee. At , we do not believe in one-size-fits-all technology nor do we believe in selling you things you do not need and cannot use. One quick look around your office will likely reveal some equipment that doesn’t do much more than collect dust.  will streamline and simplify your existing infrastructure into one sleek, efficient environment that will save you time, valuable office space, and money.

With the team, there are no surprise bills, and no hidden costs. You can say goodbye to surprise expensive repair bills or unexpected and costly add-ons. With IT from , you have an all-inclusive IT package that’s almost as good as a vacation.

What the Team Does

We deliver high-impact IT solutions for your real estate firm. We are your comprehensive managed IT services company, and we can custom design and IT plan that fits your business to a “T.”

Among the services we offer, our clients rave about the following aspects:

  • Personalized Support – Our clients often say, “I love how I can call you and within seconds have someone answer the phone and deal with the problem.”
  • Lower Costs – In a head to head comparison with our competitors, we offer a much more affordable IT support solution for firms like yours.
  • Proven Track Record – We know what we are doing. Our staff is certified in leading IT solutions such as Microsoft, Cisco, ITIL, CompTIA, and Mikrotik.
  • Optimal Work Flow – Whether you are in the office or out on the road, we’ll keep you connected and your work process moving forward.

Our growth-oriented IT solutions prioritize your organizational objectives in a way that positions your real estate agency to receive the greatest value from your IT investment.

The Services We Offer

is your full service managed IT support provider. Whatever your needs, we can deliver!

  • Proactive IT monitoring, management, and strategy
  • Software solutions for the real estate sector
  • Mobile device procurement and synchronization
  • Office 365 and G Suite technology for real estate
  • Personalized IT consulting
  • 24/7 help desk support
  • Advanced cybersecurity strategy
  • Data backup, storage, and recovery planning

The real estate business is both challenging and exciting. Let the team make IT woes a thing of your past.

Contact us now at or for your customized IT assessment. Our team of professionals looks forward to serving you.