Need A Turbo Boost For Your Business? Get The Benefits Of Microsoft Exchange Online!

Our Experts will install, deploy, and maintain your customized version of Microsoft Exchange. Migrating to Exchange should only be performed by professionals like those at who have the expertise and skill required to ensure a smooth transition. Subscribe to our complete Managed IT Services Solution and we’ll include the Microsoft Exchange support you need.

The majority of businesses today don’t have on-staff Microsoft Exchange experts. That’s why you should consider using the specialists at Pulse to ensure you get all of these benefits.

What Are The Benefits of Microsoft Exchange Online?

Microsoft Exchange is a hosted communications platform that takes your business-class email to the next level. It protects your data and keeps your employees connected with reliable access to their email, calendars, and contacts. And they can use it from any device.

Security for your confidential data and support for your compliance with regulatory standards. You’ll have Data Loss Prevention (DLP) that keeps your users from mistakenly sending sensitive information to unauthorized people. It monitors, identifies, and protects data through content analysis. Microsoft Exchange offers built-in data loss protection policies based on regulatory standards such as PII, PCI, and other policies important to your business. Plus, the Policy Tips in Microsoft Outlook inform your employees about potential violations before they send sensitive data.

Your compliance officers can run In-Place eDiscovery across Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync from a single interface. They’ll have the ability to retain and discover data across your organization to ensure internal and regulatory compliance. They can use the eDiscovery Center to identify and analyze your organization’s data from Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync. With this capability, you can reduce the cost of managing your complex compliance needs while ensuring you’re prepared for the unexpected.

You can store all of your important data in one place with Exchange archiving, larger mailboxes, and retention policies. Your employees will have the flexibility to retain email in their primary mailboxes or to archive them in large mailboxes. With this capability, you can take control of your storage and compliance requirements while keeping your users productive.

Your employees can collaborate on projects, join teams and get up to speed quickly to share information easily. Your employees can easily manage their team and project communications. They can see older project communications when they join and also have access to their team documents right from Outlook. They’ll have powerful tools to help them be more productive on their teams and manage information in the locations where they’re stored. Via SharePoint, they can co-author documents and control versions using Exchange and Outlook to communicate what they’re doing.

Exchange will remove email threats before they reach your network.  Exchange has built-in defenses to actively protect your communications against email threats. It utilizes multi-layered anti-spam filtering to guard against sophisticated spam and phishing threats, while multiple anti-malware engines work to protect your email data from viruses.

Your users will have access to an intuitive, touch-enabled inbox experience on almost any device. They can get more done from anywhere with an inbox that provides an uncluttered experience. Relevant information is optimized for different form factors. The same design in the Outlook desktop application is now incorporated into browser and mobile interfaces.

Move to the Cloud in your own way with flexible options including an Exchange hybrid deployment.  Exchange provides tools to move to the Cloud on your terms – whether that means onboarding to the Cloud overnight or using a hybrid deployment with mailboxes both on premise and online. Your employees will be able to share calendars and schedule meetings between on-premises and online users. When user mailboxes are smoothly deployed across environments, it limits disruptions and errors.

Decrease the amount of time you have to spend managing your messaging systems. You’ll have a single, easy-to-use, web-based administration interface where your administrators can perform specific tasks in the Exchange Administration Center. And they can do this without requiring full administrative permissions. This intuitive experience lets you manage Exchange efficiently and delegate tasks easily.

We can customize Exchange for you by integrating relevant, web-based Apps for Office into Outlook and the Outlook Web App. Your users will spend less time switching between apps. This makes their communications experience seamless. You’ll benefit from an extension model that allows you to provide easy plugin access across both the rich client and web-based Outlook experiences. Complexity is no longer an issue with single sign-on to multiple applications and security so only authorized individuals can use approved applications.

You can bring all of your contacts together in one place. People’s professional networks sometimes span many different places. You will have the ability to bring your contacts in from other networks so that you and your users will have all of your information in one place.  Exchange can even detect the same person across networks to consolidate their information into one contact card. This prevents frustrating duplications and multiple contact cards that contain different information.

If you use separate subscriptions for storage, email, and Microsoft Office Apps, you can combine them all, save money and enjoy increased accessibility with Microsoft Exchange. And by utilizing our off-site servers, you can benefit from the power and familiarity of Microsoft Office applications while taking advantage of so much more from Exchange!

Hosted Exchange is completely scalable to meet the needs of your growing business. The experts at will walk you through all the features that will make your organization more efficient and help to increase your productivity.

Here’s a review of all the benefits you’ll realize with Microsoft Exchange from :

  • Industry-Leading Security – We’ll handle all monitoring, patches, and upgrades, so you don’t have to. This will give you the kind of security and reliability you expect from Microsoft.
  • Increased Functionality – You can get more from Microsoft Exchange. Most businesses only scratch the surface and don’t take advantage of all the benefits Microsoft Exchange provides. We’ll help you integrate it with your other Microsoft products to turbo-boost your productivity.
  • 99.9% Uptime – You’ll have the benefit of high availability, backup and disaster recovery, redundancy and a service-level agreement that guarantees 99.9% uptime.
  • Granular Control – You can easily manage your distribution lists and mailboxes, add and remove users, maintain email compliance regulations, and control the functionality of Exchange.

What we provide that some others don’t:

  • The best price –With Hosted Exchange from Pulse your business will have a more comprehensive product at a better subscription price than the retail stand-alone subscription.
  • Total compatibility with Microsoft Outlook – You won’t need to choose between Outlook and Microsoft 365. With Hosted Exchange from , they’ll always be compatible.
  • Secure off-site storage and backup – Onsite servers aren’t enough anymore. You’ll have secure backup and storage through our Hosted Exchange, so you know your data will always be secure.
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam – With Hosted Exchange your incoming emails will be monitored 24/7 for destructive viruses, malware, and spam. Plus, there a no user quotas to worry about.
  • Mailbox Size –With our Hosted Exchange solution, we’ll tailor your email boxes to your ongoing needs and specifications.

Let the experts at save you time, money, and worry. Contact us to learn more about Microsoft Exchange for your business.