Daylight Savings Time will end this year on Sunday, November 2, 2014. Aside from the extra hour of sleep and the evening commute in darkness little will change for the business world. Almost all technological devices – from the smartphone whose alarm you depend on to your workstation computer, should automatically update its internal clock

The productivity suite is the beating heart of the day-to-day activities of many businesses. A person’s work is only as good as their tools allow them to be, and the competition between Microsoft and Google to offer the best toolbox is to the benefit of users on both sides of the fence. Microsoft’s Office 365

Less Than 300 Days to Upgrade or Face Significant Security Threats & Noncompliance Fines! Windows Server 2003 is joining Windows XP in the operating system graveyard come July 15, 2015. As the server platform draws closer to its End of Life it is apparent that, like the EOL debacle surrounding Windows XP, many businesses will

Urgent Warning: Your Flashlight App Might Be Tracking You & Stealing YOUR Confidential Financial Details and Personal Information! Have you installed a flashlight app to transform your camera flash into a convenient tool for wandering around in the dark? If so, it’s time to rethink that decision! According to Snoopwall, a leading security firm, the

Microsoft Excel is a tool most of us use but few of us truly understand. From client lists to call sheets, purchase orders to audits, almost every business person has some use for the data management tool that is Excel. Here are six basic tips that can help you get around Excel with greater efficiency

CryptoWall, a dangerous form of ransomware that’s similar to CryptoLocker, infiltrates users’ computers and encrypts their files, then demands a ransom fee for the decryption key. So how does the ransomware infect computers? Well, there’s a few ways: Spam emails with malicious links/attachments. Drive-by download attacks from infected websites. Various other forms of malicious activity.

Outsourced IT Services & Support Significantly Reduces IT Costs by up to 63% for Businesses in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs & Naples! As you’re already aware, the world of information technology is evolving at a rapid rate; and as a result, most businesses find it difficult to have an in-house IT person handling

In the modern business world, we spend more time online than ever before, whether we’re shopping, planning vacations, using social media, or staying in touch via email with our clients and colleagues. In fact, our personal information, including financial and healthcare information, is often sent and received online via email, web based applications, or remote

Downtime Costs an Average $167 Per Hour – Start Being Proactive With Our Network Support in US, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands! Does your technology make getting work done more difficult, instead of making it easier? Unfortunately, far too many businesses struggle with consistent, frustrating IT issues that hold them back; often putting a complete halt to productivity and profitability

Keep Track of Your Financial Statements If You’ve Shopped at Staples Lately! It seems like every time we read or watch the news, another major company is in the midst of a data breach – from Target to Michaels to Home Depot, and unfortunately, Staples can officially be added to the list! The popular retailer