Get hit with a virus and the following cleanup can be expensive, sometimes even expensive enough to put you out of business. Expensive is a relative term, so allow us to get specific: if your network is infected with malware and data loss is involved, it’ll cost you an average of $150 per compromised file

Some people you can never thank enough. Doctors forgo parties in college to study for the rigorous courses their MD requires, and even after they graduate, a career spent caring for the sick and injured often doesn’t leave time for much of a social life. Firefighters risk their lives on a regular basis to protect

When you think of email marketing, you probably imagine sending out newsletters to thousands of addresses at once, or buying a list of addresses to send an email to. You probably don’t think much of those tactics. After all, most people don’t read email newsletters or open emailed coupons – they see your monthly newsletter

Over the past year, you’ve probably read at least one story about a major company suffering a data breach. Maybe you read about Sony’s data leaked all over the Internet, or heard news of payment card information stolen from Target or Home Depot. Cybercrime is certainly on the rise, and it’s now considered the No.

Installing MS Office Update 14.5.0 WILL Impact Your Ability to Use Outlook! Mac Office 2011 version 14.5.0 was released on May 12th, 2015, however, most users are reporting serious issues after installing the update – so we strongly urge you to avoid doing so. After updating, many users reported an issue with Outlook – the

The reality is that more and more, we are working from locations outside a traditional office. Whether it be at a client site, working from a home office, or simply trying to squeeze in a little extra work while waiting for a flight, we want to leverage the availability of cloud-based services and advancements in

It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Technology – Schedule a Network Evaluation Before It’s Too Late! Whether you’re cleaning out the attic, getting rid of old furniture, or simply organizing your household, spring cleaning is a great feeling – it’s getting ready for a new start that leaves you feeling refreshed. Why stop there? Spring

Your Trusted Fort Myers IT Company Recognized for Excellent IT Services & Support! Pulse Business Solutions has ranked 8 out of 100 on MSPmentor’s 501 2015 Small Business Edition – a list identifying the world’s top 100 ranked managed service providers with 10 or less employees. The list is ranked based on specific criteria, including:

We know that data is everything for CPA firms. When you’re in the business of crunching numbers, losing track of your numbers through an IT disaster and the resulting data loss will waste potentially hours upon hours of work and countless other resources. CPA firms also deal extensively with money, so it’s an industry that

Cybercrime is on the rise. The U.S. Intelligence Service now ranks cybercrime as the No. 1 threat facing Americans today, rising up above terrorism. But who is really at risk from cybercrime? After all, you hear stories about big corporations like Home Depot, Sony, or Kmart suffering from data breaches, but those are large-scale companies.