We know how essential it is to get the right IT support – businesses are crippled every day because issues weren’t dealt with on time. Don’t let your business become just another statistic of livelihood lost because of downtime and technology issues. You need all-around support and protection to keep functioning at your absolute best,

What if you could have an entire PC packed into a super small package? The Intel Compute Stick is just that – it plugs into a display’s HDMI port and gives you a full Windows 8 PC that you can take anywhere. It’s available this month for just $150 dollars. So, is it worth the

Just a few years ago cloud computing was the biggest new trend in the tech world. So what has become the new fad that every business is talking about this year? Strategic Information Technology: It’s the practice of analyzing your IT environment from a business perspective and can be broken down into two main questions:

Taking notice of vulnerabilities is absolutely crucial – and there’s one you need to pay attention to right now. There’s a serious vulnerability in all supported versions of Windows that allows attacks to steal your credentials from valuable services. The bug is related to the way Windows and other software handles some HTTP requests. Researchers

When you’re making a technology investment, you need to know that your IT team is properly utilizing your budget. Security is a huge part of that – are you focusing on the right solutions and areas to keep your business properly protected? Keeping these 5 critical aspects of your network security strategy upfront will help

When you’re trying to stay organized there’s nothing worse than an untidy inbox. And even the most organized professionals have trouble keeping their email in check – whether you’re in the office or relaxing at home after hours, the messages don’t stop coming. How many emails are usually waiting each time you check your inbox?

You have the power to choose the systems you and your colleagues use, as well as how you use them. That’s the thrust of ‘green IT’ Spring has sprung and with it comes the opportunity to clean up and refresh your home or office environment. But more than that, and with Earth Day upon us

How many emails do you send and receive each day? Probably too many to count. You probably think that because of how often we all use email that they’re totally safe – but that’s not the case. In fact, your data is most at risk when it’s in transit. That means every time you send

Are you keeping up with critical system updates to ensure your business stays protected? Microsoft has released a patch for a critical vulnerability in the Windows HTTP protocol stack. Known as HTTP.sys, it could have disastrous consequences once it’s publicly exploited. The latest bulletin features four critical updates issued by Microsoft. They warn that exploiting

Have you used Pinterest for business yet? If not, you might be missing out on an entire audience for your brand. Pinterest is a social platform built around sharable images – opportunities for shopping come sleekly disguised as recipes, DIY projects and a whole lot of photos of puppies. For consumers it’s a place to