Failing a compliance audit should be seen as a great big red flag that causes you to sit up, take notice, and most importantly – TAKE ACTION! There are many types of compliance audits for different industries where your IT services could come under the compliance audit microscope including HIPAA, PCI and FFIEC just to

Have you ever experienced a data breach within your company? Whether you have or haven’t, I’m sure you can imagine the horrific feelings that would accompany the loss of your client database, your network information in its entirety, and financial records. What if your entire network collapsed, leaving you stranded of your email for days

CNN reports that in 2014 nearly 317 million new pieces of malware were created to attack your company’s vital data. That works out to almost 1 million new threats per day! Today’s cybercriminals are increasingly becoming more cunning and sophisticated in their attack methods. It is vital you fully understand how this malicious code can

Philip Mudd knows a thing or two about making decisions. He spent 25 years working in intelligence, rising through the ranks to eventually serve as CIA Counterterrorist Center deputy director from 2003 – 2005 and then after that as a FBI senior intelligence advisor. Mudd has to make about a hundred difficult decisions every day.

Your manufacturing firm faces some significant challenges, including increasingly risky supply chains, rising costs, and of course, local and offshore competition that make it harder for you to achieve the growth and success you’re after. What’s the secret to operating faster, more efficiently, and more responsively to the changing marketplace? We offer IT services designed to

Hosted services are a godsend to businesses that have a lot of IT needs but not much of an IT budget to work with. Migrating to the cloud will allow you to cut costs, improve efficiency, and more easily meet (or even exceed) your revenue goals. To illustrate exactly how hosted services/the cloud will benefit your

You’re Looking at a $1,000,000+ Hit to Recover from a Security Breach You’ve heard about the Target, Home Depot, and Sony breaches… and if you only hear about cyberattacks through the news, it’s easy to think that only the biggest of businesses are really at risk of being attacked online. But that’s not true, not

Do you hate your current IT service provider? Do feel like it would be a headache to change providers? Would you rather get a root canal than change IT providers? Well you’re not alone. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of searching for a new IT company, then you’d probably compare the experience to your

It is easy to dismiss IT security as something that only major corporations and banks need to worry about. You picture hackers sitting in their basements, trying to access the Pentagon’s computers or steal millions from the Bank of America, and you think: “Nothing for me to worry over.” But that is the easiest way

While the debut of Windows Server 2003 brought advances in IT security, the termination of its extended support on July, 14th, 2015 will create various security-related challenges for businesses that fail to upgrade before it’s too late. Here are some of the most serious concerns: Failure to comply with updated regulations: Businesses who choose to