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 has provided loyal customers with professional IT Support since 2006. We give our small to midsize clients enterprise-level services. Through smart investments in technology, Pulse can monitor organizations in the U.S., the Caribbean and around the world. We aim to keep clients focused on business while we take care of the technology. Our shift to a total solutions provider has saved clients money and hassle and put us ahead of the competition.

Why Was Pulse Started?

James Ritter, founder and CEO, was downsized from a large homebuilder in 2006. He saw the need for continued outsourcing services and decided to start a consulting company. The first customers were small to midsize businesses. In fact, James’ first client was referred from a friend. That was 13 years ago. Word soon spread that Pulse was a go-to provider of IT needs.

Eventually, the team grew, and Pulse expanded its solution portfolio, moving away from managed services to become a total solutions provider.

Hurricane Maria and Drone Technology

It may seem unusual to see an IT managed services provider with a Drone and Aerial Services division. Here’s how it happened and why that’s part of Pulse’s brand story.

Today, Pulse specializes in IoT, fleet management, cybersecurity and training, and communications and satellite provision. Their logistics and track to becoming a total solutions provider began with a hurricane — literally.

In 2017, Hurricane Maria ripped its way through the Caribbean, decimating infrastructure and causing a flight of highly skilled personnel, including technology professionals. James, who had spent considerable time in the islands previously, migrated to Puerto Rico. There, his drone fleet provided valuable feedback to resorts and businesses, making it possible to fast-track insurance money to begin rebuilding.

This led to Pulse offices in Puerto Rico and St. Martin, and the continued growth of the company.

What is Pulse Tech’s Ideal Client?

James says that the ideal Pulse Tech client has 25 to 75 end-users and leadership that values technology and wants to use it. A corresponding budget and willingness to invest in managed IT services are requisite to a successful engagement. Typical clients rely on Pulse Tech to manage their IT infrastructure.

James said the company started with the idea of providing helpdesk and network services, per the traditional MSP model. One day, he stopped to wonder where that was really going and decided to refocus the company. By expanding its service offering, James hopes to make Pulse Tech a technology disruptor.

“I had an aha moment [in 2017] …and decided we had to become a technology disruptor and add satellite communications, IoT, cybersecurity and other services that truly give us world-class differentiators in our service portfolio.”

Areas of specialization for this innovative company include the Internet of Things. It offers asset tracking and real-time GPS feedback for government entities and transportation-related businesses. As part of its total service provider model, the company offers fuel consumption, hard-breaking, oil usage and routine maintenance tracking as part of this line of service. This technology tells management how drivers are driving and collects value information on efficiency and productivity.

What Is PulseCare?

“The managed services market is expected to reach over 190 billion U.S. dollars in size in 2019, with forecasts suggesting that this number could grow to nearly 300 billion as early as 2023,” according to Statista.

Despite the positive outlook of the managed service provider market, James believes that becoming a total service provider is ultimately the way to go, from both a provider and client perspective.

In a world where hackers steal credit card information to sell it for $20, companies need a comprehensive approach to their IT needs. Pulse Tech clients don’t pay outrageously high hourly fees to get shuffled around from vendor to vendor. Instead, the company takes responsibility for issue tracking and resolution.

PulseCare takes the best aspects of hourly support and monitoring and throws in around-the-clock support at a budget flat rate. This keeps costs low and gives clients someone to turn to who runs point until the problem is resolved.

Contact Pulse Tech today to find out how to leverage the evolution of this world-class total solutions provider to benefit your organization’s IT needs.