Office 365 Solutions to Drive Your Business Forward

Microsoft Office 365 is the best office technology solution to hit the market in recent years.   You’ve likely been using the product for some time and can already see many of the benefits.  But are you really getting the most out of this powerful software system?  Could your business be even more efficient and productive? By leveraging Office 365, you gain a full-featured, cloud-based office productivity tool that can help you expand your footprint and grab more market share.

What is revolutionary about Office 365?

  • It gives your employees high-volume collaboration with complete mobile access to their documents, spreadsheets, and databases.
  • It is effortlessly synchronized. Never again will you have to bother with old data storage solutions like flash drives.
  • It is an integrated communications platform using the latest in voice, video, email, and instant chat technology.
  • It will scale with you as you grow your company. This eliminates big, upfront license costs.

What Office 365 configuration is right for YOUR business?

Office 365 is a very user-friendly system.  It is one of its greatest selling features.

But there is some technical thinking that needs to go into choosing the right Office 365 configuration and its deployment throughout your organization.

The wrong Office 365 setup could limit your productivity, and you can’t afford to lose steam now.

will help you choose the right Microsoft Office 365 configuration, assist you in the migration of your emails from your current solution, deal with your data, and set you up for Microsoft Office 365 success!

Office 365 delivered with the support of gives you:

  • Flexibility – Today’s office operates in an ever-changing marketplace. Get the office productivity solution that can adjust to the needs of your business as it runs from day to day and evolves.
  • Collaboration – Built-in tools give Office 365 an advantage over all competitors in the realm of collaborative capability. Anywhere, anyplace, anyone, anytime – the possibilities for securely working as a team are endless.
  • Security – Using Office 365 gives your company the advantage of using up-to-date software and relying on industry-leading security measures built into the fabric of the solution.
  • Scalability – Office 365 grows with your company. From a one-person startup to corporations employing thousands, this superb, cloud-based package expands with the ever-changing needs of your business.
  • Data Protection – Let us show you how we protect all Office 365 data (Exchange, OneDrive, Sharepoint) from accidental or malicious deletion or corruption.
  • Included Upgrades – Upgrades are included in the cost. You automatically get the latest and greatest version of Office 365.

Value, quality, and reliability – These are the reasons that businesses just like yours are migrating to Office 365 every day.

We will customize your Office 365 to fit the exact requirements of your operations. Why struggle with something bigger than you need or suffer from trying to make a system work that does not meet the demands of your growing business?

We will do a straightforward, painless Office 365 migration.   This means you don’t have to worry about downtime or loss of data.

  • Do your mobile employees have the capability to work efficiently and collaborate outside of the office?
  • Are your office staff using the best, or are they being frustrated by trying to make do with inferior solutions?

It’s time to talk to the Office 365 support professionals of . We have had great success introducing Microsoft Office 365 into the workflow of organizations and have developed a migration protocol to move your files and email to the new Office 365 platform with little to no disruption to your production.

Why partner with for your Office 365 solution?

  • Business class email mix and match plans available
  • Free 24/7/365 technical support
  • Direct billing – We’ll deal with Microsoft on your behalf.
  • 99.999% Guaranteed Uptime

Office 365 – if correctly implemented and supported – significantly increases your ability to get more done and be more profitable.

  • Give employees secure mobile access to documents, spreadsheets, and databases.
  • Quickly scale up or down as needed for business fluctuations or seasonal business
  • Utilize Office 365 applications for their full compatibility and synchronization.
  • Communicate easily via voice, video, email, and instant chat within the Office 365 suite.

Your productivity matters to us.

That’s why we believe that a customized Office 365 configuration will strengthen your business.

Let us consult, implement, manage, and secure your Office 365 configuration!

With Office 365, having a managed system in place allows you to focus on your business.

We’ll take care of applying patches, managing users, and even retrieving deleted documents upon demand for you.

Perhaps the best news of all is that Office 365 is hosted by Microsoft.

What does this mean for you?  It means that update worries are virtually a thing of the past.  No more add-on update purchases.  No timely installs.  It’s all done for you!  You’ll always have the latest and greatest version.

Here are some other significant advantages of Office 365.

  • Ideal for teams that are looking for innovation and interconnected services
  • Office 365 offers a broad suite of other services
  • Easy to add new users and manage access controls
  • Offers native support for Android, Windows, IOS, and Blackberry devices
  • Credentialed for HIPAA and FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act)
  • Access to Office web apps as well as desktop versions
  • Lync and Sharepoint access
  • It’s affordable and completely scalable to meet all of your needs.

Office 365 is the right option for your business needs. Let’s get started! Contact the team now at or